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Child Support

A child has an inherent right to support from his/her natural and/or adoptive parents. Child support obligations are based on the parent’s respective incomes and are based on the amount of overnight visits a child spends with the parent. Child care expenses are also a factor in determining one’s support obligations. The formula used by the Friend of the Court to calculate the actual amount owed is statutorily mandated.

The more overnight visits a child spends with a parent, the lesser the child support obligation. We will help you understand how child custody and parenting time issues impact the child support obligations.

If your income changes or if you become unemployed, it is important to file a motion to change the child support obligation immediately since under Michigan law a court does not have the authority to retroactively reduce child support back to the date your income was reduced or when you became unemployed. The new child support calculation will be retroactively applied to the date you filed the motion to reduce child support.

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