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If there is an order issued in Michigan regarding the child support, the Friend of the Court can review the calculation of child support under certain circumstances.

If the parent or the child receives public assistance such as Medicaid, the Friend of the Court will automatically review the child support order once every 36 months. The Friend of the Court will also review a child support order if a party makes a written request for a review; however, it will not do this review more than once every 36 months unless the party seeking the the review can show there has been a major change in circumstances (for example, a change in the payer’s job or in the custody arrangement). This means that regardless of whether there is a change in circumstances or not, the Court will review the child support.

Torree J. Breen is the chair of the Family Law Practice Group and is a member of the firm’s Litigation GroupEstate Planning, and Hospitality and Alcohol Law Practice Groups.  Ms. Breen specializes in family law which includes divorce, child custody disputes, prenuptial agreements, guardianships/conservatorships, and grandparent’s rights.