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Licensing Violations

If you lose your professional license, or are unable to practice your profession by an inability to obtain a license, you lose your potential for income and career growth.

If either is the case, it is critical you hire an experienced professional licensing defense attorney on your side. Licensing boards have the right to discipline members of various professions for misconduct, including a criminal conviction. If you are a member of a licensed profession who is facing charges, our attorneys can defend you in the criminal case and protect your interests before the licensing board as well.

Areas Where We Can Help

  • Accusations Seeking Revocation and Discipline
  • Interim Suspension Orders (ISOs)
  • License Application Denials and Statements of Issue
  • Administrative Hearings and Investigation
  • Defend Citations Issued Against Licenses
  • Appeals and Writs
  • Petitions for Reinstatement of Professional Licenses
  • Substance Abuse and Occupational Licenses


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