Willingham & Coté, P.C.
Commercial Litigation

Willingham & Cote’s litigation attorneys have experience in all forms of commercial litigation.

Commercial litigation is a broad term that describes virtually every type of dispute that may arise in a business context. Examples of commercial litigation include breach of contract, partnership disputes, and shareholder issues.

For decades our firm has handled the litigation arising from our business clients and we aggressively represent our clients as plaintiffs and defendants.  It is our goal to obtain the best, most cost effective result possible.  We work with our clients closely to ensure that the opportunities and risks in litigation are understood so that they can make optimal business decisions. Our litigators handle cases in state and federal courts across Michigan.  Because of their wide experience, our attorneys have access to expert witnesses and resources that help bring successful results.

At some point, most businesses have legal disputes either internally (between owners, officers, and/or employees) or externally (with vendors or customers). We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits, arbitrations and mediations. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing businesses in such areas as breach of contract claims, collections of overdue accounts receivable, disputes involving buy-sell agreements, and various other corporate law issues.


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