Willingham & Coté, P.C.
First-Party Claims

The Insurance Defense Team at Willingham & Cote’, P.C., has extensive experience litigating first-party no-fault claims. First-party no-fault claims are claims for medical benefits or other potentially available benefits under the Michigan No-Fault Act and are typically brought by claimants against the insurance company for an alleged failure to pay those benefits. First party cases also include lawsuits by medical providers who claim that their services were reasonable and that they should be compensated by the insurance carrier for their services as a result of a car accident. Our attorneys have an excellent track record of obtaining dismissal of first party cases on various grounds, including that the claims were fraudulent. In first party cases that cannot be resolved by dismissal our attorneys have been successful at negotiating settlements for far less than the amounts being sought. When settlement is not an option our attorneys also relish trial as the true form of advocacy and recognize the importance of jury trials in resolving disputes. Our attorneys have also obtained money back from medical providers and other insurers for erroneous payment of benefits.