Is an itinerant worker insured in North Carolina but with a Michigan driver’s license an “out-of-state resident” at the time of the Michigan accident, which pursuant to MCL 500.3163(1) would require the North Carolina insurer to provide Michigan no-fault benefits to the insured’s passengers?

Tienda v Integon Nat’l Ins Co

Case Summary

Does wage loss qualify as “bodily injury” for purposes of avoiding governmental immunity?  Did the evidence establish the loss of income from work plaintiff would have performed or merely plaintiff’s loss of earning capacity?

Hannay v Dep’t of Transportation

Case Summary

Does “taken unlawfully” under MCL 500.3113(a) require the person using the vehicle or motorcycle to know that such use has not been authorized by the vehicle or motorcycle owner?

Rambin v Allstate

Case Summary

Does a judgment entered on an appraisal award constitute a verdict under MCR 2.403(O)(2)(c) for case evaluation sanction purposes?

Acorn Investment Co v Michigan Basic Property Ins Ass’n

Case Summary

Was there a legally implied lease agreement between two trucking company defendants and, if so, did the Court of Appeals err in concluding that coverage was excluded on the basis that the semi was being used in the business of one of the defendants rather than on the basis that the semi was under lease to a carrier?

Hunt v Drielick

Case Summary

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