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Business Owners: You Must Act Fast to Appeal Property Taxes

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If you feel that the local assessor has overvalued your commercial real estate, there is still time to file an appeal to reduce your taxes.  These appeals are filed with the Michigan Tax Tribunal, and the deadline for filing a petition is based on the type of property involved (e.g. residential or commercial).  With respect to residential property, you cannot file an appeal with the Tax Tribunal unless you first seek an adjustment from the Board of Review in the city or township where the real estate is located (during a designated period in March). With respect to commercial property, there is no requirement to appear before the Board of Review.  The business owner can simply file the appeal directly with the Tax Tribunal.

For commercial real estate, the deadline for filing a petition with the Tax Tribunal is May 31. Therefore, if you believe that your assessor has overvalued your property (and you are paying excessive property taxes), you need to act fast before this deadline expires.  This will hopefully provide you with additional funds that can help you grow your business.