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Office Operations Update | We Are Here For You

posted on April 02, 2020 by Willingham & Cote

We are still scheduling appointments via teleconference and will notify you if the circumstances should change; however, if you wish to conduct business by phone or email, you can contact your attorney and/or their assistant directly as you always have in the past. The attorney’s assistant’s direct lines and email addresses are for your convenience as follows:




Assistant                      Attorneys          Phone number               Email                                       


Laura Riley                  Scott Breen       (517) 324-1029    

                                    Torree Breen (Estate Planning)


Michelle Houck            Steven Birn       (517) 324-1062    

                                    Steven Foucrier

                                    Howard Goldberg

                                    John Yeager


David Hadley               Curtis Hadley    (517) 324-1056    

                                    Anthony Kogut


David Long                   Troy Clarke       (517) 324-1032    

                                    Michael Stephenson

                                    Joseph Van Horn

                                    Torree Breen (Family law)


Carly Vincent               David Nelson    (517) 324-1055    

                                    Robert Wood




Rest Assured


This is a stressful time for our entire community and we know that your needs do not end just because there is an unexpected state of emergency. Rest assured we are in a position to support you in the weeks and months to come.  Thank you.

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

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