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Staff Spotlight: Heather Devereaux

posted on May 21, 2019 by Willingham & Cote

What is your role at the firm?

Billing Specialist/IT Administrator 

How long have you been at the firm ?

18 years

What is your typical day at the firm?

I don’t tend to have a typical day.  My days are all different, which keeps my job interesting and fulfilling.  There are certain activities that I complete every work day, like cash receipts and client updates.  There are days that I am billing the majority of the day and there are days that I am problem solving computer issues.  I do weekly and monthly status reports for the partners and run various reports.   Some days I am processing pictures for evidence and printing them for exhibits.  I also make all the CD/DVD copies to be sent to our experts.  I make sure the servers are running properly, act as a helpdesk, and set up computers when necessary.  

What is your favorite part of your role and what aspect is the most challenging ?

My favorite part is the billing.  I have an accounting mind.   I especially like the challenge of the electronic billing systems for some of our clients and enjoy figuring out how to use them.  I also love when I learn something new and am able to fix a computer issue that is perplexing.  The most challenging would be the different personalities of not only the employees, but clients.  Knowing how to deal with everyone in a professional way that pleases them is a challenge.  Everyone likes what they like, after 18 years, I think I have got it down, but still a challenge at times.  My psychology major comes in handy with this aspect of the role.

What is one element of your role/the firm that people might not realize?

The people who work here are great.  They realize I wear a lot of different hats and they respect that.  We have a great team here and we all do our part.  I guess if anything, people probably don’t realize how much of the tech I do rather than having our outside tech firm handle things.  I troubleshoot extensively before making a call to our IT vendor, which often saves costs and time.


Anything else you would like to share? 

I have one son.  He just finished his freshman year at Lawrence Tech University.  He is majoring in Robotic Engineering.  I have wonderful parents and an awesome sister who all helped me navigate single motherhood.  I am very blessed. My next goal is to go to school for Forensic Accounting.  My mind loves a good numbers problem, especially when I have to dig for it.

  • Staff Spotlight:  Heather Devereaux

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