Professional Liability & Licensing

Professional licenses are a valuable asset and when they are endangered, experienced legal counsel should be sought.  Our firm specializes in licensing violations, as well as legal and medical malpractice issues.  

Our experienced team of attorneys can assist you with:

  • Administrative Hearings
  • Boards of Review
  • Regulatory Compliance

Licensing Violations

When you are either unable to obtain a license in order to practice your profession, or you are in danger of losing your existing license, our attorneys can provide experienced professional licensing defense. 

Medical Malpractice

With over 50 years of experience representing healthcare providers, physicians and hospitals, our Michigan medical malpractice defense team has earned a reputation as one of the state's leading medical malpractice firms.

Legal Malpractice

Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to defending your Michigan legal malpractice case. With a wide range of experience in litigation, including medical malpractice, legal malpractice and general litigation, our attorneys are equipped to address the “case within a case” doctrine, requiring a broad range of knowledge in legal disciplines and issues.

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Avoiding Medical Malpractice: 5 Simple Steps

posted on March 03, 2015
Medical Malpractice, Professional Licensing, Michael W. Stephenson

No physician, in today's litigious society, is immune from professional liability lawsuits, even when they render the best of care. Bad results happen...

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