Appellate Work

Successful appellate law practice requires skills, knowledge, and strategies distinct from those employed at the trial court level.

It is governed by a completely different set of rules. There is no jury, and there is essentially only one opportunity at each appellate level to change the outcome of the trial court proceedings. There can be no doubt – experience is essential in an appeal.

The firm’s appellate attorneys have more than a century of combined appellate experience, and this experience shows.  All the attorneys in Willingham & Coté’s appellate division have either been judicial clerks or research attorneys for the appellate courts. Our appellate attorneys have an intimate knowledge of how appeals are processed by the courts. They are also adept at handling appeals in the United States Courts of Appeal, and have practiced before the United States Supreme Court.

An appellate division does not accumulate more than 100 years of combined appellate experience unless it is successful.  Willingham & Coté’s success is best demonstrated by the vast number of cases in which its appellate attorneys have secured favorable results for their clients on appeal.

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Recent Wins

Home Owner's Insurance Co. vs. Jankowski

Ms. Hillock won a recent case which determined  the  "owner" of a vehicle cannot recover PIP benefits if the car was required to have, but did not have, no-fault coverage.  

This case was recently published in the Michigan Lawyer's Weekly, June 5 edition.  The full decision may be viewed here

Significant Cases

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Comprehensive Case List

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Amicus Briefs

For a comprehensive list of all written Amicus Briefs, please click here.  

Our Appellate Court Verdicts

View a representative sample of cases in which favorable results were obtained in appellate courts on behalf of Willingham & Coté’s clients.

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Michigan Supreme Court Insurance BOLO (Be on the Lookout) Report

Be on the Lookout Report

The Michigan Supreme Court has a handful of cases before it, on which an opinion or order should be issued by July 31st of each year that either directly or indirectly will affect insurance law and those who practice it. Some cases the Court has agreed to hear, while others the Court has ordered oral argument with respect to whether it should grant an application for leave to appeal. This report discusses each of these cases and identifies the specific issues presently before the Court, as well as updates when available.

2013-2014 Calendar Year Cases

2012-2013 Calendar Year Cases

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