Admire v Auto-Owners Ins Co

The Court Is Considering Whether, or to What Extent, an Insurer Must Pay for Handicap-Accessible Vans as Transportation:

Price v High Pointe Oil Co, Inc

May mental distress damages be awarded for negligent damage to real property:

McPherson v McPherson

Can a Person Who Has a Seizure while Driving an Uninsured Motorcycle, which Results in an Accident with a Parked Motor Vehicle, Recover PIP Benefits on the Basis that His Seizure Disorder Was Caused by a Previous Accident:

Farmers Ins Exchange v Michigan Ins Co

Is the “Primary Purpose/Incidental Nature” Test Used by the Court of Appeals for Determining Whether a Commercial Vehicle Is Being Used in the Business of Transporting Passengers Consistent with the Language of MCL 500.3114(2) and, if so, What Is Its Proper Application:

Harris v Auto Club Ins Ass’n

Is a Claimant Entitled to Recover His Medical Expenses Arising from a Motorcycle Accident Involving a Motor Vehicle from both the Insurer of the Motor Vehicle and His Health Care Insurer:

Case Summary

Lefevers v State Farm Mut Automobile Ins Co

Is a Taip Trailer “Equipment Permanently Mounted on a Vehicle” for Purposes of MCL 500.3106(1)(b), and, if so, Was the Plaintiff’s Injury “a Direct Result of Physical Contact with” the lgate on a DumTailgate:

Grange Ins Co of Michigan v Lawrence

The Supreme Court Is Considering Two Cases Pertaining to the Domicile of a Minor Child of Divorced Parents:

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